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Establishing a Trademark in Indonesia, Why So Important?

Kuliner Asik, Building a brand is never an easy baby step, but an effort of going through seven ups and downs. Now that you are finally creating your brand, especially in Indonesia, and ready to share with the huge country, what can be more exceptional?

Establishing a Trademark in Indonesia

But, some people may ignore the importance of establishing a trademark of brand ownership, while actually in Indonesia it is a very important and crucial thing to do. Here are the reasons why the trademark in Indonesia is really important.

Why is a Brand Trademark in Indonesia important?

A trademark is a way where your brand can be represented with a phrase, symbol, word, character, illustration, or any of that matters that make your brand very well-known in the market. 

It also protects your brand from any copycat business that sells something similar to your brand but in very low quality. It is important to prevent things similar to copycat or brand ownership battle that in some cases, lead into a very long, tiring process.

The Reasons You Should Establish Your Brand Trademark Soon!

What is it with Indonesia that makes a trademark something essential for a brand? Well, you will find yourself surrounded by brand protection and priority rights that help your brand sails. Here are those specific reasons:

1. Indonesia’s program called Pertama Melapor

In this very program, people, community, or company, basically anyone who first establishes their brand is the one who has priority right towards the brand and its characteristics. This regulation is written on Law about Trademark No. 15 of 2001.

This is why you need to start establishing your brand as soon as possible before someone else outsmarts you. Also, the bad impact of this system is possible for irrelevant brands that produce unqualified goods or services has their trademark established first and it sure is not good.

2. Exclusive protection for your business

As soon as you have your brand established, now you have no fear of any other new brand copycat your logo, characteristics, etc that will likely make your market decrease. It also makes you more confident about the intellectual property you and your brand own.

It makes your brand and your intellectual property exclusive, as in only you who owns that. Simple yet is awesome, right?

3. Integrated brand recognition

As currently adopting the Madrid system, now Indonesia is also adopting the protocol of integrated brand recognition. With this protocol, not only is it easier for you to expand your business, it opens the opportunity to share worldwide what your brand is every time and everywhere. 

In other words, your market target could easily recognize your brand wherever they are going, even if aboard.

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So those are the importance of establishing a trademark for your brand in Indonesia. In conclusion, your brand will become very exclusive that no one is allowed to copy your brand characteristics, your brand shall become the pioneer in its field, and last but not least a much easier business expansion. Great!

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